Well, I am finally back in blogging.  It is hard for me to leave my previous blog at friendster.  But then, what I am planning right now is to eventually transfer some of the posts I have made before.  Though the original comments will be left behind still, I have managed to convince myself to start at wordpress.

Why wordpress?  I have been a loyal listener of Morning Rush @ RX93.1 and I am really amazed with Chico’s blog.  So, to make the very short story shorter… after 3 months… VOILA! I’m now starting my first post.

Maybe, the next reason behind is, I don’t have anything better to do with my idle time during this long happy weekend holiday.  So, I started walking around two days ago and grabbed my camera and started to come up with the idea.  At first, I came up with the idea of taking pictures of the beautiful sunrise at the beach.  Of which, I’ve thought, was a nice idea for a pilot post.  But, I have an issue in getting up early.  Well, I did wake up early but it’s too early and then I tried to sleep again then it was too late for me to turn back the hands of time.

To officially open my blogging time here in wordpress, I am ending this post with what I believe is the best pictures that I have taken.  It is the sunset (which was supposedly the sunrise) here at the local beach in my native province of Cavite.

Credits to good friends, Trina and Jet who have helped me pick the pictures to post.