My first ever blog entry was way back in April 2005.  I can still remember that I have read couple of friends’ blogs and I was really impressed with what they’ve written.  And told myself, that like them, I love to write, I love to express how I feel.  When I was younger, I have always wanted to become a writer or journalist. But I opted to pursue other studies that I also love.  

So what was my first entry then?  Huh?!  Well, it was about what I least like then.  It is about the future.  I am the kind who doesn’t want to think about the future.  The planning stage and everything with and about it is just a waste of time.  As I have believed in before.   Well, almost three years, has it changed?  Not really, hmmm, maybe a little.  I still don’t worry about the future.   Sometimes, when I don’t have anything to do which is very rare, I start to think about it.  But just for 5 minutes, then I go back to my old self again.   

Just recently on different and several occasions, I have been bugged by questions by a dozen of people with, “What are your plans?”  So in tribute to them, here is my answer. 

This has been previously posted in my old blog last April 2005.

Future is a silly concept… It will only ruin your perfect chance to spend your “TODAY” wisely… I don’t see the point why many people think too much of their future and tend to forget that they have the present to start with…I have nothing against planning for the future… because not doing so… is a God damn wrong thing, too…

All I want to point out is, let us learn how to balance the things that we do… Do plan for the things you like to enjoy in the future and enjoy your Present as well… because you can’t go back to the PAST to enjoy it… you loser!

Carpe diem!