“I’m longing for love and the logical
but he’s only happy hysterical
I’m searching for some kind of miracle
waited so long
waited so long”

These lines are taken from Kelly Clarkson’s song “Beautiful Disaster”.  I really like Kelly’s voice but this is not the only reason… what else would it be, it is the song itself.  The message has really moved me.  I have listened to the live and studio version of this and I really loved the slower one (live version).  It has really made a connection instantly in my mind.  I have related to the song to some extent.Yeah, I’m waiting for some kind of miracle for so long.  I guess, most of the people that know me would definitely agree.  I drown in my sleep and a little percentage of me believes that I am damned with my life.  And I need someone who will save me from this world that I have creatively constructed with a pinch of happiness and lots of conflict. 

It’s definitely, an exquisite extreme of everything.  The magic and the myth, the tragedy and havoc that’s inside of me…
I have asked God, would it be beautiful or just a beautiful disaster?

This is just the perfect song for me.  It is definitely part of my all time favorites.  I have been listening to this song for almost 3 years now.  And I still love it.