I have been a big fan of Gilmore Girls… and I have been looking for this song, “How to Dream” by Sam Phillips for years.  (I didn’t know the song until last sunday)… Well, I tried to look for it but I’m not that successful then. 


Until last Thursday April 4 I heard it again. Then, I bugged my friend Lanie for help.  I tried the internet, too.  Made a lot of comments to various blogs, asked from where I can find the song.  Then, I Googled it and luckily, Google made a very helpful reference to the GilmoreGirls.org, and I browsed every song until I have landed to Season 4 and found my song…


It’s really hard to look for a song which you don’t know the lyrics, the singer, and the song title.  And it being years ago, I had the trouble pinpointing from what actual Season and episode I heard the song.


I’m really happy that I have found this song… I can’t find the right words to say… I’m just totally happy right now.


Hope you like it like I do!