Have you ever heard silence?  

Perhaps you have asked for it and for a peace of mind, too… 

Have you ever felt silence? 

Perhaps, you have been alone once in your life…

Silence, How to be and what it means?





This is what I have sensed with Season 5 Episode 13 of One Tree Hill wants to convey at the start.  With silence, you’d have a lot of time to think and ponder on things you have inside your mind. Like the following:


  1. Who am I? 
  2. What are things that I want? 
  3. The past.   We tend to go back and imagine where we have come from.
  4. Not knowing.   We get afraid of what might happen around us. 
  5. I won’t be. You’d realize things you don’t want to end at and tend to focus on the wrong things you don’t want to do.  
  6. Wish I can.  You’d hope that you can do things you think you can’t do and bring the best in everything you have and you do.
  7. Everything’s going to be okay.  You’d end up reassuring yourself that everything’s fine and would turn out to be positive.
  8. Lastly, you’d finish up with realizing that all of these things are related to the one that you love.


Having a time to contemplate on things are very important.  We need this to understand the things that are happening to us.  It is essential so we wouldn’t take for granted the good things that we have.  A call for silence can help us evaluate and get rid of the things that we are scared of.  Sometimes, we ought to ourselves to get away from all the clutters of our surroundings and be at peace with ourselves.


Sometimes all we need is silence to free us from all the questions in our mind.


Going back to One Tree Hill, I believe that this is my favorite episode of the season yet.  The ending message from the characters, how it was delivered and relayed was really perfect.  The end reminded me that the items 6 to 8 that I have enumerated are the best part of having silence in our lives.  More often than not, we tend to focus on the negative things around us and happening to us.  Most of us forget that we can always hope for the positive things and that there would always be tomorrow. 


So, I am quoting the episode’s ending lines.  Hope this can inspire everyone who’d read this.


Make a wish and place it in your heart… Anything you want… Everything you want… Do you have it? Good. Now believe that it can come true.  You’ll never know when the next miracle is going to come from the next mile. The next wish comes true.  But if you believe that’s right around there in the corner and you open your heart and mind to the possibility of it, to the certainty of it.  You just might get the thing that you have been wishing for.  The world is full of magic and you just have to believe in it. So make your wish… Do you have it? Good. Now believe in it… with all your heart.