You know how it is when you really care about someone. 


You’d feel like to call him because you just want to know how their day is going.  What they’re thinking about and if they’re thinking about you.  You’d spend all day trying to find a perfect way to make a conversation with him because all you have is idle talk.  You’d desire to have dinner with him and hope that the night won’t end. You’d sleep at night and ponder if he dreams about you.


Sometimes, I just wish that he could trade places with me so he would know how it feels. 


The things that I want are simple… I just want to be with him.  Be there when the going gets tough.  Make him happy when he isn’t.  Smile and stare at him for no reason at all.  Talk to him about nothing in particular, something stupid and basically everything all at the same time.  Watch him closely sleep at night and be the first to say hello in the morning.


If it can only be that easy then I might not be having this thought tonight.


Believe me it is just as simple as it sounds.  True to life, true to love, true to me.




I had this thought when I was stupidly in love with someone I know I can’t be with.  When, I’m melodramatic, I sound like I’m the most problematic person in the world.  It is weird but still, I miss the feeling of having someone that inspires me.  I miss the feeling of going to work because I look forward to seeing him.  I miss the feeling of having someone in my dreams even if it’s the only way I can be happy with him.  No boundaries, no limitations.