Traveling is one of my favorite things to do.  Going to different places, learning new things, trying to experience a different culture, knowing and appreciating history are some of the reasons why I really loved traveling. 


Some might say that it is one expensive hobby that I have but I can counter attack that.  I believe that you just have to wait for the perfect timing.  Well, I don’t remember when Cebu Pacific Airlines started their “Every Juan flies” promo (please check out for their latest promos) but I am a testament to that corporate goal.  I have taken every chance to travel by availing of their promos.  Actually, the first year that they’ve included Singapore to their international destination, was the year that I have visited the country.


With the perfect timing, being lucky is one of the main ingredients, too.  I was so fortunate that year because my high school buddy Annie just transferred to Singapore months before Cebu Pacific had the promo.  Without even consulting her, when I’ve learned of the promo, I just found myself booking a trip to the place without even knowing what to expect to see and where to stay there.  I remembered having anxiety attacks because I’m not even sure if the country has a visa requirement.  And all I know about Singapore then is that MTV Asia is at Robinson road plus, the Underwater world at Sentosa.


My Singapore trip last October 2006, was my very first out-of-the country trip.  I had totally the best time there.  It was a perfect chance for me to travel with a high school buddy.  I had the chance to experience a different culture.  Enjoyed going around without worrying about my backpack and the security of the place was so high.  It was my first time to ride a cable car and realized that I am totally freaked out about heights.  My first ever chance to enter a zoo.  Yeah, I didn’t bother go to Manila zoo.  Am I bad? No, I just didn’t have the right opportunity.


A lot of first times and memories are attached to my Singapore trip.  What sweet way to finish this post but to end it with pictures from that trip.  Hope you enjoy!



Night Safari (well not yet)

Trying a luge ride with Annie


Sentosa, the southern most part of Singapore (?)

Funny antics at Siloso beach


Lastly, the Singapore Trip Collage