I have been addicted to Supernatural since 2005.  I must say it is not your ordinary suspense-thriller-horror series. It’s not just about scary stuffs and supernatural/paranormal activities.  Not just about hunting the demons and saving innocent lives.  This one has a really exciting and nice story, not to forget the easy-to-root for cast.


At first, I just tried watching the 1st season because Jared was a familiar face.  I am a big fan of Gilmore Girls where he used to play the part of Dean as Rory’s sweetheart for two or three seasons.  Then, I got addicted and fell in love with Jensen (he plays as Dean Winchester so don’t get confused)


And the addiction grew and continued.  Well, my favorite episode  is the 20th of the second season; it stood out from the rest.  It was an episode where the brothers were hunting a Djinn, or commonly known as a genie.  In the opening, Jensen was just alone hunting this demon and when he had an encounter with it suddenly the set-up went from a very horrific scene into a bit-odd normal scenario. 

He was in the bed with a woman whom is supposed to be his wife.  (Hmmm, I wonder why I liked the episode. If that’s the case, of course, there’s still a catch.)

He called up Sam and was really baffled because he just thought that he was drunk.  He can’t believe what was happening and was really awe-struck when he looked at one picture frame, he immediately run out of the house and another scene entered.  It was his mom, she was alive.  He and Sam apparently have separate lives and wasn’t into hunting demons.   Though his dad wasn’t alive, who died from a disease or something? (I can’t really remember, maybe I was just too busy internalizing and looking at Jensen).  Having his father alive too is something that he could even hope for, I guess.


So why did I like the story, it is because of the theme.  The genie polluted his mind from what he has wanted.  (Of course, I am referring to Dean.)  It’s like the genie granted his wish to have a normal family life.  To have Sam’s normal school life back.  And probably, most of all is to have his mother’s life back.  This also gives the fact that they don’t have to go on hunting for demons and the like.


And as the title goes, “What is and what should never be…”

The catch is, he had his wish served but everything that they have saved from the past blew away.  It was gone.  Every little detail from the past was exchanged for the new life that he has. 


With this, I started thinking and relating it with my own life.  (Yeah, this is how affected I am whenever I watch things in the tube.  I try to put myself on the same situation, and when the whole thing’s done I do spend time creating my own so-called interpretation and own twist to storylines.)


A good friend even asked me, if it’ll happen to me, what one wish I would have hoped for.  I began, to ask myself, what would it be?  It must be something that I don’t think I’ll have that easily.  Not even in the alternate future.  Something that I think I’d want that bad.  But there is a hitch; I have to give away something.  It must be a little of the same or even greater value since I am talking about demons here.


To have a dilemma like it is scary.  I’m not even sure if I’d like to be subjected to such situation.  It’s so mind boggling to the extent that I can’t even finish this stuff.


I have thought once, what I like but I don’t think at this moment that it is necessary for me to have it.  Aside from it, I find myself pathetic if I’d ask for it.  But the funny thing is I do know what I am willing to give up which I am not telling, too.  For me, giving it up is easy, I don’t want it anyway but choosing something that I like, I guess, I have to think a week or two before I finally decide.


On second thought, I’d just probably wish for Jensen Ackles’ attention and presence in my life.  Well, this wish isn’t that bad at all…  Hmmm, I am beginning to love this thought.  Just kidding hahaha…