I have always been a little geek and nerd inside.  Well, people have usually perceived me as someone jolly and funny.  I’m a person who wouldn’t sound serious.  But, sometimes I do if needed so.  Anyway, this post is about my nerdy tendencies.  This post is more like a story telling kind. 


My favorite subject is Mathematics.  I have always envisioned myself as a Mathematics teacher like my parents.  I’d remember earlier in school teachers would expect that I’d made it good in the subject.  And, I’ve embraced it with all my heart. 


Back in high school, I had one grading period wherein my teacher forgot to put my grade.  When my teacher checked and verified, she just remembered that she was surprised with the mark that I got and couldn’t believe that it was low for my standard.  Well, I can explain that but didn’t manage to tell my parents.  It was the time in life when I rebelled and my grades suffered.  But I never regretted that because I’ve learned that there are things in life that we shouldn’t do just because we like it.  There are consequences in everything that we do.


Also in High school, I became the Mathematics Club President, and made lots of research for the bulletin board.  I have managed to learn magic squares, number sequences, tips and tricks in mental math which I don’t think one of my friends managed to read and worse if anyone did.  Ha-ha!  I even tutored 1st Year Students, which by the way, I enjoyed not only because I was able to help some of them but because some of them are cute looking guys. Ha-ha! Just kidding!


Then, I almost took Applied Physics for college.  Well, I didn’t know what I was really thinking back then.  But, I took the Accountancy degree instead, believing that it is fundamentally mathematics, too.  Then I discovered that it isn’t.  It’s an English course pretending to be a Mathematics course.  Ha-ha!


I have always been fascinated with quiz bees, debates, puzzles and just recently rubics cube.  Yes, I am too addicted these days.  My little brother taught me the techniques, and strategy how to solve the puzzle.  And I am proud to say that he had succeeded.   Now, I am pondering on solving a 4 by 4 rubics cube and hopefully I can return him the favor.  I think I just need a mental stimulation right now.  It may be hard to believe because I wouldn’t normally ask for something like it.  But then again, everyone hates monotony, right?


And so I’m ending this post with a quote from one of the text messages that I have received,

“Life is a like a rubics cube.  There are innumerable wrong twists and turns, but when you get it right, it looks perfect no matter which side you at.”