“As it happens sometimes a moment settled and hovered and remained.  For much more than a moment… and sound stopped… and movement stopped.  For much, much more than a moment and then, the moment was gone.” Lines taken from One Tree Hill


Have you ever felt a certain time in your life that you’d like to be stuck with?  An instant you feel like that the world isn’t against you.  A place where everything has stopped and you are with the person you’d like to spend your life with.  The single second that you’d wish you had since kindergarten.


My life isn’t that easy.  I chose it to be.  This is my fault.  This is my life. 

I have been dreamy these past few weeks.  Lingering on some things that I tried to claim as mine.  Making something last for more than it should have been.  Creating a vivid picture of what I have always dreamed of.  Until the dose of reality hit me hard over and over, one after the other, leaving me awake, lonely and hopeless from the supposedly happy moments.


Yes, the moment was gone.  With just a snap of a finger, it was gone.  It was just a dream.


I have never been close to anything like this.  But, I’m not desperate to do anything just for this.  I’m not even compromising anything especially if it can hurt someone just to have this.


What I’m asking are simple things. I’d like to have a moment of my own.  I want to have someone to hold me tight on nights that I am afraid of something underneath my bed.  I’d love to be locked in someone’s arms with the assurance that there’ll be a day to look forward to.  I don’t want to have just a single on the spot happiness.  I want something that will last.  I want something that can brace a strong storm.  I want something genuine.  It doesn’t have to be perfect; it only needs to be true.  Not just a dream!


*** This was posted originally in my friendster blog a year ago and I still want these things.