I have just recently finished reading a book lent to me by a friend.  It is entitled Happiness Now by Andrew Matthews.  This book is an easy-to-read, inspiring and eye-opening book.  When you look at its website, it says that this is for the busy people.  It is about balancing relationships, finding career success, prosperity and peace of mind.


Ever since, I’ve been a very jolly person.  For me, life is too serious and I don’t have to take it seriously.  I just hate to be someone who acts like it is the end of the world when they have problems.  I don’t worry about it too much because I believe that God wouldn’t give us problems that we can’t handle.  Aside from that, I also think that there are always positive things around that we can actually enjoy. 


I can even recall year 2002, I had a serious talk with my friend, and he asked me if I can have three things in life what would it be?  That time, I easily answered him that I want to find love.  That came really easy because he was the one and I want to be with him.  Ha-ha!  Too bad he is too insensitive that time.  Then, I told him that the second thing is happiness.  I have always believed that when you are happy, you are successful in your own right.  You don’t expect too much, you are satisfied in everything.  I don’t need to have a big mansion, own millions of cash and drive a luxurious car.


And if you want to be happy, you just have to be happy.  It is that easy.  Happiness is a state of mind.  And six years after that, I do still accept it as true today.


I just want to share with you the part of the book that I truly see myself to.  It is under the chapter, “One Day at a Time”.  The topic was Laughter it is said there, “Life is not that serious.  We should take humor more seriously!” 


I laughed and realized that like Andrew I totally agreed on this matter.


He even wrote this,

All kinds of wonderful thing happen when you laugh …

  • Your lung capacity expands, improving respiration and oxygen consumption
  • Your immune systems is activated – so you can better fight infection
  • Endorphins – your body’s natural painkillers – are released into your brain, decreasing stress.

Laughter not only reduces physical pain.  It reduces mental pain!


This is a short, fun to read book, so if you have time to go the bookstore, go get and grab yourself a copy.  It is a very practical thing to read and I can assure you, you’d end up happier after reading it.


Remember, anyone can be happy.  You just have to embrace it!