This is post is long overdue, it was supposed to be here in my blog last April in commemoration of the Earth day.  But as usual I got lazy to finish this up and before I knew it Earth day celebration was over.  (Btw, thanks to google for the picture)


I wasn’t really a big Earth Saver advocate and wasn’t even an active member in the school organization in high school.  Too bad I missed that opportunity, unlike my sister.  But later on that year, I was convinced and inspired by her so I just helped her do some Earth-friendly stuffs in our home. 



We studied how to recycle old newspaper and make it new.  It was really hard and it took us a long time to perfect the art.  I can even recall the first few papers we made almost looked like a cardboard because it was too thick and we won’t even use it because it was so dirty, and the color was uneven.  And as the process becomes familiar, we were able to succeed and were able to make different colored papers and even clean white paper.


It was early 90’s when everyone started to become really conscious.  There was a campaign against aerosol use.   Lectures about global warming and the depleting ozone layer were a usual topic in Science classes.  And television played a big part on information dissemination.  And Captain Planet was born. 





Captain Planet and the Planeteers became one of my favorite cartoons.  I have always dreamed to be a planeteer.  To be given a power to change the world, to make it a better place to live in and to fight and stop the pollutants.  Back then, I’d dreamed that I’d be Kwame, who has the power of Earth.  Sometimes, I’d want to be like Wheeler who has the power of Fire.  I’d wish to have the power of wind like Linka.  I have also imagined having the power to control the water like Gi.  And the ultimate dream was to be like Ma-ti who has the power of heart.


But not having a ring like them didn’t stop me from dreaming to become an Earth-saver.  Because there a lot of ways to become a Planeteer.  We can always do our part in saving Mother Earth; there is no small or big part.  Every little thing that we can do will be a great help on Mother Earth.  So next time you get an opportunity to become an advocate, be one.  Let’s start planting trees, begin to conserve water, save energy and recycle more.  The power to save Mother Earth is in our hands.  As Captain Planet always says, “the power is yours!”