I have never felt this confused about work since 2005.  Well, I don’t normally think about working outside my current company.  By August, it will be seven years of hard work, fun, challenges and patience.  I have transferred twice to different divisions and handled five different jobs ever since.


Last Friday, I got a call from a company who’s giving me a job I couldn’t possibly resist.  I have never expected that they’d call since the last interview was a long time ago.  They have mentioned the pay and the work but it’s not the only thing that I consider.


I’ll be going to see them tomorrow and probably I’d ask a day or two for me to finally decide.  On Friday, I will be leaving for Boracay for a vacation and I will take that opportunity to think things over.


I have no problem with the financial aspect, the pay that I am getting right now is enough, I couldn’t ask for more.  The work and exposure that I have experienced with the company is surprisingly awesome.


That leads me to a very confusing and hard dilemma right now, choosing between a stable and happy work life to a very tempting progressive growth on my career.  But, it is the risk that’s worth taking.  This is the moment that I am waiting for.


Maybe, it’s about time that I come out of my comfort zone.  I don’t want to end up thinking about what could have been later on in my life.  I will just face my decision and stand by it.  Anyway, there’s no right or wrong answer to my questions.


What do you think?  Have any thoughts on this?