If there’s one place in the world that I’d like to visit over and over again, it would probably be Boracay.  And after months of waiting, we were able to book for a flight to the paradise through a Cebu Pacific promo last June.  Since then, I have never let my mind off Boracay.  The very lethal combination of sands, sun, and beach just make my world go round.


I traveled with good friends Ian, Joy, Pot and constant travel mates Trina Kaps & Dennis.  We stayed at Bamboo Bungalows, a perfect place for a group of six.  It has two rooms, a dining area, a sala, and a kitchen.  The package came with a breakfast; you’ll have choices to choose from a traditional Filipino, American or Continental breakfast with unlimited serving of brewed coffee.  Plus the place is situated at station 2, the heart and center of business in Boracay.


Sadly, I wasn’t able to see too much sun on the three-day stay.  It was cloudy, and it rained during mornings and after sunsets.  But still, we were able to enjoy it.  We all played and swam regardless of the big waves.  And my most favorite part of the trip was the paraw sailing.  I was totally beaten literally by big waves.  More than thrice that I’ve thought I’d fall out of the boat.  My life vest almost wore off.  My legs were thrown side by side and luckily I didn’t bruise.  I even asked God why is life unfair.  Just kidding!  But I really thought of asking God about it and how happy I looked like during the ride.  I truly enjoyed every moment of it.
















If you are looking for fun-filled activities like paraw sailing, parasailing, kite-boarding, snorkeling, beautiful beach, fine and white sand Boracay is the place for you.  It is truly an amazing paradise, a perfect haven you’ve dreamed of.


And I bet you my money on this, I’d be back again in Boracay.