I’ve always wanted to join game shows on TV but I didn’t have much courage and guts to do it.  Watching Wheel of fortune, One Million Chance of a Lifetime and other shows when I was growing up has become a habit.  Being mentally challenged, be put on such a pressure with the promise to get a sum of money or prizes like showcases, car or even house and lot is a combination that excites me.


Aside from that, I have also believed that I am lucky, too.  I’ve got myself a number of success stories in games held in school fares, quiz bees and raffle draws, too.  To name a few instances, once I’ve joined AXN’s promo on Amazing race season 6 if I am not mistaken.  It was the season where Philippines became one of the pit stops.  I’ve won an AXN item of my choice. 


And another one and most recently, I’ve got the chance to watch Maroon 5 practice before their concert.  It was last March, this post is too old and I just had this concept made up two days ago when I was tempted to play a bet on Philippine Lotto where the prize is getting bigger.


Yes I got the chance to see Maroon 5 practicing right before they start the concert.  Too bad that’s the only prize that I’ve won.  Have I known that the other station offered a meet and greet chance; I might have joined it, too.  But still it was a good gift for my birthday.  Actually, I originally didn’t have the plan to join.  There were a lot of constraints that I had to consider and face if I will win the prize.  I was too busy in my work that day that I said I don’t think I could actually leave the office to watch it.  Plus, I have a job interview that night.  But then again, I still tried and obviously, I’ve won the contest.


I arrived late at Araneta with my brother Jejo.  The prize was a pass for two and of course, I tagged him along being the one who really listens to this kind of music.  I was really star struck when I saw Adam Levine.  He was so playful; he dances and commands the band while they were practicing.  He and Michael the bassist seem to be so playful especially if I were to compare them to Matt, the drummer and James, the guitarist.  James and Matt handled the sound checking and were really serious on their job.


Too bad I wasn’t able to watch the concert.  They practiced two songs and I totally forgot it already.  It was an hour of taking pictures and recording videos.  Though we were told that we are not allowed to video them but still I managed to take a 10 to 12 second video.  I was afraid to get caught. Ha-ha!  I don’t want them to have an impression on Filipinos not knowing how to follow instructions especially when were told not to do so.


The finale was at least we got the chance to take a picture with them.  I was too shy. I greeted them hello and they replied with a smile.  I am posting here the picture and I know it somehow looked liked it was “photo shopped”.  I have to slightly bend because I am almost as tall as them.  I am also posting some of the unauthorized captured videos I got from that day. 


And if I win again next time I hope it would be a trip to US or Europe or a million pesos on Lotto. Ha-ha!  Too much wishful thinking, I think I should end this post now.  Happy reading!