Yes, I said no to the job offer. 


I was really thrilled at first when I’ve learned that the job would really be more of a career progression on my part.  And like a normal applicant, I’ve set my priority in the main objective which is to pass the interview and make it to the job offer.


But along the way, I wasn’t really so convinced to do it.  The things that made me interested with the post were first, the job would be a managerial position handling a specific brand.  The other reason was of course, with great responsibility comes great pay. 


However, there are reasons that really made me think twice on the otherhand, one is the security of tenure especially if I would compare it with my current company.  Another reason was I’ve been with the company for seven years this August; I have already reached the vesting period.  Most of all is I wasn’t really looking for a new job; I just tried it because of a referral from my former boss.


And after the long road and the weeks and weeks of anxiety, I said no.  It is the more practical thing to do.  I guess, at the end of the day the security really spelled out the difference.  It is something that I’ve learned from my father.  At first, I don’t want to admit that he was right.  But this is a major cross road and there’s no room for pride to prevail. And I have to make the best the decision.  And I’m glad that I’ve come to this decision.


I may have lost this chance or opportunity but I know this is not yet the right time for me to cross this road besides I have my family by my side that loves me and supports and respects my decision.






*** Thanks to all of my friends who listened and gave their valuable opinions during those trying times and to Mental Mist, a co-blogger for the inputs, too.