I have always been fascinated with art particularly sketches, drawings, landscapes and the like.  However, I wasn’t given the talent to do it.  I can even recall when I was starting to go to school; I was too lazy.  There were times that my uncle would bring to the school and minutes later I am already home.  And guess what convinced me to start and eventually finish grade school?  My parents bribed me with the whole art set, paint brush, water colors, canvass and easel.  But, it didn’t happen, my interest stopped upon realization that I can’t even know how to pick a good color combination and I don’t even know how to draw to start with.


But despite lacking the talent the dream was revived few years back.  Realizing how boring my life can get at times, I’ve decided to look and check on the possibility of enrolling in an art class.  Besides, the objective of a class is for us to learn, right?  Maybe, it is high time that I consider the artistic side of me.


And good thing, just this week, I have finally mustered the courage to buy the things for my art.  I have bought set of crayons and colored pencils, a sharpener and a sketch pad.  I’d try to scribble and come up with something interesting in the coming days.  Hopefully, I’d improve on making color combinations and eventually create an art that I can be proud of.


So here is my 1st post and please check this out and guess what I was thinking when I made this.  Hopefully, I can post more drawings in the coming days.  Thank you.