My mom and I enjoy doing things together.  And one of our favorites is buying groceries.  We usually go to the mall together to buy things for the house.  We co-dependently need it because I have to practice my driving and she wants going for a walk on a regular basis.





And lately, we are enjoying it more.  She’s now a senior citizen but doesn’t really look like one.  We get 20% discount on food, a certain % of discount on groceries items.  And we do line up on a special designated cashier.  Doing groceries are really fun except for the expenses.  Ha-ha!


We are actually the same in some things that we take pleasure on.  Like eating food in a certain restaurant, we already know what to order and what combination we like best.  It is like a mix and match thing.  We both like traveling, I have planned a getaway for the two of us last year but it didn’t materialize she has to leave the country for some other reasons, and I was forced to go on the trip alone.


Well, I am not actually a mama’s boy but I am the one in our family who cries whenever she has to leave us.  I go on leave for work whenever she returns.  And I just miss her when I don’t get to lay in her bed on some days.


The original concept of this post is just about the perks of being a senior citizen.  But it all turned out to be about the things that my mom and I enjoy doing together.  One of my brothers just recently voiced out this observation through his blog, that I am my mom’s favorite.  It wasn’t really a very proud moment but the reassurance that I am being loved was really superb.


I didn’t mean to brag about this but I am just truly happy about it.  Just kidding!