Have you ever felt that something had cost you more than what you’ve bargained for?  Have you ever felt that despite of everything you’d end up hurting?  Was the lost, trouble and pain worth all the time you’ve given them?


Well, i’m not just talking about my personal accounts here… this is what the “Querida Grace” episode of Jack and Bobby has to say. 


<flash back>I was just spending my boring Saturday nights watching Gilmore girls before Studio 23 launched the list of their new shows… fortunately my 8:50 timeslot is not yet booked since, most of the time HBO and Starmovies have their special 9pm movies slated on Fridays or Sunday premiere schedule…


And the rest was history… It featured the two McCallister brothers, one of whom was destined to become President of the United States.  There story showed the conflict between the two boys who were growing up with their mother, who was both domineering and unreliable.  The story was paralleled with a series of interviews with figures associated with the McCallister presidency who told their own stories as witnesses to this great personality.


The story is really good… you’ll learn a lot with each episode… it’s unique, outstanding, and wonderful… what I really liked with the series is how it tells the real life situation of us… It’s a story of growing up, trying to find your way, searching for your identity… issues of trying to find your way in life, trying to find out what we want to be and what we want to stand for.


I am a half-idealist and half-realist… this might be one of the hundred reasons why I really got addicted to it… plus, but of course, the actors were really great in portraying their roles…


Too bad the show was short-lived that aired on WB, now CW.  I just really miss the show.  I just hope that a show like this will be aired again.