Everyone loves sports.  It brings fun to everyone. 


But it is not important to us because they are just fun but the good physical activity can help improve our health.  It is one effective way of managing stress.  It keeps our heart and mind young and fit as well.  


Aside from that it also teaches us about life. 


The qualities we value in sports are qualities we can apply in all aspects of life.  Fairness and courtesy, good temper, looking to something more important than self are qualities we need every day, in our family, in our friends, and in our workplace. 


We need to be courteous to everyone we encounter, we need to be fair in all of our dealings, we need to treat our behavior toward others as more important than our momentary and petty concerns.


Participating in sporting events is also a good social and even business activity.  It builds camaraderie and brings out positive energy in everyone.


Sports are activities that don’t only require physical capabilities but it also needs a great mind that makes good strategies and sound judgement.


I guess, what I am trying to say is let us all be good in sports.  Be a good sportsman.  But let’s not limit this behavior to sports and games.  Let’s apply sportsmanship to every aspect of our lives.


Remember, as with all good qualities, it costs us nothing, it will make things better for others and ultimately, it will be better benefit ourselves.



My original concept was about basketball in Timezone and how every Filipino loves the sports.  The body will be about why I am not good at it and why I can’t do the sport.  The end would go back to Timezone and basketball but this time, on the contrary, is how basketball, Timezone and I can be present in one sentence all at the same time.    Anyway, here’s the proof to the supposed-to-be end.


02/14/07 record

02/14/07 record

03/28/07 record

03/28/07 record