I love listening to the Morning Rush of RX93.1.  It has been a part of my daily morning for the past seven years.  I love the top ten topics and it never fails to make me laugh. 


Way back in 2002 when the addiction is just starting, I felt the need to buy a gadget to soothe my satisfaction.  I can still remember that having a Portable Discman with radio is a must-have for me.  Those days’ mp3 radios aren’t that popular but luckily I have discovered it through a store and made me realize what I am missing all those years.



The birth of IRiver iFP 380T was perfect for me.  The device has the impressive list of advanced features: 128MB of internal memory, an integrated FM tuner, voice and FM recorder, neck strap, Sennheiser earphones and up to 24 hours of battery life on a single AA.   Plus, the real-time MP3 encoding feature allows you to connect the player to your home stereo or portable CD player to encode MP3 files directly to the iFP-380T without a PC. 


After 3 or 4 years I have to bid good bye to my favorite gadget.  And the search for a replacement was easy.  It was the time that IPods’ are getting famous but I have to settle for a product name that I have tested already.


The discovery of IRiver N12 and the form rocked my world.  It has a large, 4 Line, 16 tone greyscale OLED screen, which displays EQ settings, track listings and folder views, and also doubles up as a clock/alarm clock.   It offers 1GB of flash storage, USB 2.0 connectivity and the player supporting MP3 (MPEG 1/2/2.5 Layer 3), WMA, OGG Vorbis (Q1~10), ASF formats.

Of course, there’s an FM radio onboard – pretty crucial, that – with iRiver quoting a MP3 playback battery life of around 13 hours per charge (128kbps, MP3, volume level 20, EQ Normal, LCD Off). Weighing just 22 grams and measuring 49.8(D) x 27.2(W) x 13.3(H) mm, the N12 is small and light enough to wear all day.

Almost after 3 years and I’m still counting, I am happy and still in love with my iRiver and I do consider it as one of my most important gadget in my life.  Having this every day in my life is like having coffee to coffee drinkers.  So, if you are considering of buying an MP3 player, you might want to check iRiver products in your nearest stores.  It is affordable, stylish and it simply rocks!