It is about time that I talk about another one of my favorite shows of all time.  Everybody knows that I love “Friends” because I love having friends.  This time, I’m not going to talk about them but a different addicting show named “Brothers and Sisters”. 



Family is a very popular plot for series and I just love them.  Everyone has a family issue; everyone has fond memories of their own families.  This is what I love with this show.


This is another weekly look at yet another dysfunctional family airing all their dirty laundry for the entertainment of the audience. The series is a case of a drama trying to find its place in the homes of the audience.


The story centers on how the family has to deal with the uncovered mysteries and cope with each other.   There is a lot of a real family depicted here.  The lies, the fights, the conflicts are really brilliant.  You can see how true this family is.


What this show does have working for it is a very good cast, promising writing and splendid direction.  I have to say this, the very reason why I tried to watch the series was because of Rachel Griffiths, I’ve seen her work in HBO’s Six Feet Under and I instantly fell in love with her.  Another big reason was because of Greg Berlanti.  When I saw he is the Executive producer, I knew this wouldn’t be a bad series.


The strength of the show is the characters of the story.  For now, I’d be talking about the three strong Walker women.


Norah Walker is a strong, opinionated woman forced to deal with grief.  A woman trying to piece her life back together after everything she held as constant has fallen away.


Kitty is light, a young right wing analyst but with an actual heart and capable of compassion.  She loves her family even if she can’t agree with their politics.


Lastly, Sarah is a woman who is at the very edge of the cliff. Her marriage is on the brink, she inherited a company about to go under with the potential of criminal charges do to her father’s indiscretions. She’s trying to be strong even when she wants to give up.

In fact, here’s the transcript of my favorite conversation between Sarah and Nora, which I hope to elaborate more in the future.

Sarah: You had Kitty to fight with, Kevin to admire, and Justin to baby, Tommy to lean on. What were you thinking about me all that time?
Nora: What was I thinking? I was thinking … I was… I am in awe of you, Sarah. You became the woman I always wanted to be. And you did it all without losing your softness or your goodness. I love all my children, but I have so much respect for you, Sarah.

Nora: You’re not a daughter, Sarah. You’re the damn trifecta.

Give this one a chance. You will become a fan quickly and look forward to season two and before you know it you are asking for more seasons.


For appreciation, here’s the link to the first episode I’ve got in youtube.