I am officially starting my cookies business. 

Yes my love for cookies and my hobby of baking has turned me to sell them while I’m enjoying. 


I am calling this as Mr. Perk’s Monster Cookies.


I am accepting orders especially this season.  If you are someone who wants to give gifts but on a tight budget I have the answer to your needs.


Here’s my pricelist.  

Variant Size Pcs/pack Cost
Walnut Regular 6 50
Choco chips Regular 6 60
Chocowalnut Regular 6 70
Walnut Bite 12 30
Choco chips Bite 12 40
Chocowalnut Bite 12 50
Walnut Bite 15 40
Choco chips Bite 15 50
Chocowalnut Bite 15 60



Here are the pictures of my cookies.