Just recently my brother stopped using his Ipod nano and I’d gladly offered him to take care of the gadget.  People who know me would expect that behavior from me. 


My favorite feature of Ipod is the pod cast.  Just recently, I have discovered that my favorite show RX’s Morning Rush hosted by Chico & Delamar has a pod cast through Blue Ritz’s blog.


I’ve found out about it when I accidentally updated my iTunes and saw that Blue Ritz’s blog or pod cast was there automatic like a magic and the rest was history.  Lately, I’ve been listening to the love show every morning and would listen to the pod cast in the afternoon.  Basically, 60% of my time spent is devoted to listening to the Morning Rush.


I also have favorite episodes and I’ve decided to share this with you.  I went to Chico’s blog because he posts the previous Top Ten topics, too.  But unfortunately, he missed this topic, the topic was about the “Things to say to someone who is about to give up”.


Luckily, I made it to the cut.  And here are the favorite lines or answers that I’ve got from that day.


Things to say to someone who is about to give up

  • God doesn’t give you stuff you can’t handle
  • Never ever start to stop
  • Sometimes it is not about winning sometimes it is about knowing when it is about to give up so you can move on to something better
  • You just wasted time complaining, time you could have used to think of the solution
  • Quitting is sometimes just a temporary solution to a permanent problem
  • Giving up means at least you tried, you can’t give up if you didn’t even dare
  • Remember the reasons why you held on for so long
  • In difficulties lies opportunities
  • Try to look at the bigger picture you’re probably looking at it at the different angle
  • Giving up doesn’t always mean you’re weak, we always do a little growing up every time we do a little letting go


It is one wonderful topic that I’ve really learned a lot.  We all know that challenges in life are inevitable and I believe that surviving those obstacles is by our own choice and effort.  The positive attitude, a totally different perspective would really be a great factor for us to face up those moments.  And in the end, we’d be fulfilled and happy that these tests made us stronger and made us believe that nothing is impossible as long as we believe.


I’m sharing this you tube link that I’ve made to capture some portions of the show.  See and listen why I got addicted to the show.