Last Friday, I’ve told myself to blog about the Top Ten topic in Morning Rush regarding “Things to say to someone who is about to give up”. 


Then this funny thing happened to me, I was watching the latest episode of Brothers and Sisters’ Season 3 which is on its 9th episode only to find out that the topic was actually going there too.  I don’t know what’s happening to the world but I felt like it has conspired against me. 


Why on earth will I have to encounter on two straight days topics like that?  Am I getting paranoid?  Am I being prepared for something?  Hope not.  This is too much for me. 


But then again, why should I worry?  Hmmm… for a moment I was out of control there and I laughed about it.  Well, that’s too much drama already.   


Anyway, Brothers and Sisters is my 2nd favorite show as of the moment.  The 1st of course, is Supernatural.  Every week I am too excited to go home on Thursday because it is the time that I download the latest episode.  I just can’t wait to see what’s going to happen to the Walkers.  I especially love Sarah and Nora.  They always make me cry.  But on this episode, Kitty made me feel proud.  She’s light but strong and her line of thinking, her perspective is really impressive. 


Anyway, I tried to transcribe my favorite part in the episode.  I also posted a link in you tube.  So here it is.  I hope you’d enjoy this as much as I did.



Kitty: Mom, mom, hey, you’re right this house is a mess, it’s a complete and utter mess

Nora: I just said that Kitty

Kitty: Yes you did but maybe that’s okay, I mean a lot of great things come out of the messy and complicated situations because they are just meant to be

Nora: I so appreciate you trying to cheer me up

Kitty: (interrupts) No no! No buts… you are not allowed to give up, you are not allowed to give up because you believe in your gut that this is right.  And besides, we’ve all inherited this, this absurd drive to make things that…. yes that seem complicated and they’re messy… but we can turn it to something great, right?  If you give up then there’s no hope for the rest of us…