Mariah’s musicality and talent is the very reason why I am a big Mariah fan.


I love her work and contribution to music and watching her live was one dream that I have achieved when she visited the country.


My most favorite album is the Butterfly which was released in 1997.  The first single released was of course Butterfly.  I think the song came out after she parted ways with then husband Tommy Mottola.  The song was really strong and encouraging.


But my most favorite song is Breakdown because of the mix and the R&B sound.  I also love the lyrics so much.  Too bad that during those times she had a problem with Sony records and it wasn’t commercially released in North America but it was a hit in Asia and in my heart as well.


I am so happy when I got to read in one of her interviews that this song is one of her favorites and she will definitely include it in her Greatest Hits album but unfortunately it didn’t make the cut. 


Anyway, I’m sharing my favorite part from the song and the YouTube link as well.  Enjoy!





Well I guess I’m trying to be
Nonchalant about it
And I’m going to extremes to prove
I’m fine without you
But in reality I’m slowly losing my mind
Underneath a disguise of a smile
Gradually I’m dying inside
Friends ask me how I feel
And I lie convincingly
Cause I don’t want to reveal
The fact that I’m suffering
So I wear my disguise
Till I go home at night
And turn down all the lights
And then I break down and cry


So what do you do
When somebody you’re so devoted to
Suddenly just stops loving you
And it seems they haven’t got a clue
Of the pain that rejection is putting you through
Do you cling to your pride
And sing “I will survive”
Do you lash out and say “How dare you leave this way?”
Do you hold on in vain as they just slip away?