The Curious Case of Benjamin Button is a movie that discusses the odd circumstance of Benjamin’s life.  He was born under unusual condition of having an 80-year old body and it is about his story and journey of his life as he ages backwardly.


What really struck me is when Benjamin was having his hair cut by Mrs. Maples.  (Mrs. Maples was the one who taught him how to play the piano). She asked why Benjamin’s hair is changing its color and volume as the day he ages and he explained that he was aging backwards.  He even jokingly said that by the time everyone is old he is young and stronger.  Then Mrs. Maples say these words.  “Benjamin, we’re meant to lose the people we love. How else would we know how important they are to us?”


Upon hearing those lines I took my phone and put it in my notepad since the movie was still rolling.  When I got the chance to contemplate on this, I begin to ask myself that why are we afraid of getting old?  Is it because we are afraid to die?  Is it because of our selfishness and we don’t want to lose our lives?


Well, this movie made me realize that aside from the fact that Benjamin’s backward aging is complicated as it is, the more complication lies on the fact that by the time that he grew younger he would lose those people that he loved.  And isn’t it Eric Roth’s really a genius for conveying that to us.


Most of us want to stop aging not withstanding that if hypothetically this dream will come true.  And later on, those we love will be gone one by one.  Of which I believe that defeats the purpose our lives.  How can we be happy on those days when all we feel is emptiness and longing for those we love?  Yes Mrs. Maples is right, we are meant to lose the people that we love because this feeling will let us know and learn how important they are to us.


This is a beautiful movie and worth watching.  The cast was really great.  Superb!  Two thumbs up!  Here’s a link of the trailer.  Enjoy!