It is a Filipino culture that we celebrate the 1st and 7th birthday of kids.  It is probably one of the most important dates to the parents more than the kid themselves.  I myself had a big birthday party when I was 7 years old and doesn’t even know what was going on then.


This year my niece Allyiana is celebrating her 7th birthday and she wished that I visit her and be there to attend her special day.


But this wish is very hard to fulfill, first, I need to have a visa to enter their country.  My sister and I planned everything, the supporting documents, forms and even the itinerary.  To be honest, it is a process I wished I wouldn’t go through again after being denied last year.  And luckily, this January 22nd, my visa was approved and 3 days after I found out that I got a multiple entry so I don’t have to worry re-entering the country for the next 10 years.


But, it’s not just that, just recently, to be specific, last Monday my boss talked to me after giving her words two weeks ago that I can take a leave and after buying the ticket, that I can just take a one week leave.  I cried upon hearing that not only because I want to leave this place temporarily but because I can see my niece’s eyes and heart being crushed.  And I’m not kidding.  It is the most radical thing I’ve ever heard for years.  I was devastated.


Now, I’m depressed but I’m not giving up the fight.  The situation didn’t make me do rebellious things that I would normally do.  Lately, I’ve learned that I can always ask God to help me be more Godly in making decisions and moves in this time of trials.  I am praying hard that a miracle will happen.


Can you please help me pray, too?  Please do. Thank you very much.