On Saturdays I usually wake up a little late than usual.  It is the time when I get to recover from a week’s stress of work.  I feel like hibernating like the bears do.


But today was different, I knocked off early last night and found myself awake 5 in the morning.  I checked my laptop and updated my download queues and grabbed my best friend remote control. 


Yes, I am a television buff, a couch well more of a bed potato.  I am spud during week ends.  I usually watch my favorite television shows and do groceries very early to avoid the congested traffic and mall goers, too.


While I was in the course of surfing the channels, I usually check the movie channels first then the music channels and then again today was really different.  This time, I decided to check out National Geo Adventure.  The reason behind was a week or two ago my brother with my father and I got stuck with National Geographic on Science.  Yes surprisingly I am a geek too.  I love science and the topic is really interesting.  It is about Hydro and Aero source of electricity in England.


Okay going back to what happened earlier, aside from my fascination with science and mathematics, one of the things that I love is traveling.  And I caught “A Map for Saturday” a documentary special by Brook Silva-Braga




I got easily caught off guard when I heard that the opening “On a trip around the world, every day feels like Saturday.”  Aside from that, the curiosity on the topic being billed as “90-minute around the world” really made it appealing.


Brook Silva-Braga

Brook Silva-Braga



Plus, Brook is very interesting man and cute. (I can’t help myself with that sorry)  He conveys his idea and observation very vividly.  I totally enjoyed the show.  Too bad the show is cut into two parts and I won’t be here to watch the second part because I believe I’d be about 50,000 ft above the land by the time the 2nd part will be shown.  But fortunately, the documentary film is also available in video and blog.


I find the theme very timely with my dilemma right now.  Like everyone else if given the chance we’d travel the world and be brave enough like him to live a life like that.  Today, like Brook who has a very cushy job at HBO, I am contemplating on leaving my job and be more out in the world discovering things and documenting observations.  I’d like to learn more cultures and hopefully write and contribute new things for the world to see.


I already had the chance of traveling alone and I am up for that challenge today.  I have traveled 4 countries and in few days time, I am about to journey on my 5th country.  But my biggest problem is I don’t have the financial capacity to do that for now.  I guess I have to put my bet on the lotto and pray that I get the chance to win my millions so I can start with the journey of my life.


So until I find my millions, I’d be doing this travel blog in a different manner, the economical way for now.





You can also check the website of “A Map for Saturday” follow on the link above, or here.

Opening quotes from the "A Map for Saturday" web page

Opening quotes from the "A Map for Saturday" web page