This is my second post about Brook Silva-Braga’s work. I may say, I was really impressed with his work and I am craving for more. After watching “A Map for Saturday” last week end, I immediately “googled” him and looked for his back ground and other works. Fortunately, I discovered that his first work has a website. (Click here to go to the link) And during the actual travel he also kept a blog which I really find very interesting. (Again click here to for the link)


And what I am really excited about is his 2nd feature documentary about “One day in Africa”.  He went out to Africa first part of 2008 and edited the film in the remainder of the year. It will begin running in film festival by spring of this year. To know more about his latest work, I conveniently leaving a link to his work. (Click here)



The schedules of the film will be announced in his website. I can’t wait to see it hit the tube because going to the festival is very improbable to happen. But if time and chances permits me to do so I wouldn’t miss it for the world.


Hope you enjoy the links as much as I did!