My visit to my sister’s family is one of the most unplanned trips that I’ve ever had.  I am the kind of person who would plan ahead like a month or two weeks of preparation.

So here’s the story.  To start with, I don’t have a US visa to visit them it’s not just like going to Quiapo.  I even got denied of a US visa the previous year and the cost of processing is quite high, too.

But still we tried our luck again and fortunately the US consulate granted me a tourist visa.  And the rest was history.

I was able to attend my niece’s 7th birthday.  We went long driving to Los Angeles and got the chance to visit my sick Lola and met my two other pamangkins.

Today, I’m almost 9 days away of going back to the Philippines. And I am really surprised that I’m already entertaining the thought of staying here.  I never thought that I would entertain the idea but I guess I just enjoyed the presence of my family here.

In the next few days, I’ll be blogging on the things that happened in my stay here.  I’m also posting a picture with my sister and pamangkins.  Until the next posts!