Whisper house CD cover

Whisper house CD cover


I’ve been a big Duncan Sheik fan since I’ve watched him in a concert year 2001.  Since then, I’ve bought all of his albums but unfortunately starting 2006’s his album White Limousine wasn’t launched in Asia and his other works.

So when my flight to US was finalized, I immediately looked for his tour schedule.  I was lucky because he has a tour schedule near my sister’s place but unfortunately not lucky enough because we have an event the following day of his concert night.  We’d be too busy and it is not probable for me to see him.

So I just told myself that I’d just find a good music store and buy his CDs then.  But then again luck isn’t on my side I looked for a couple of stores and it wasn’t a success.  Not until I went out with my high school barkada Thea, Elmer and Pianne, who’ve introduced me to Rasputin Music Record store. Click here to know more about the record bar that made me happy all week long.

And a funny thing (well, for me at least) it was a perfect birthday gift for me since that time was actually my Philippine time birthday.  I was able to find two Duncan Sheik CDs, the greatest hits album Brighter and a 2009 newly released album Whisper House.  So, how’s that for a birthday gift?  Well, obviously it is a perfect one.

After buying it, I immediately opened the CD and I loved it instantly.  The Whisper House album isn’t just an ordinary album, the album and songs is a whole story ready to be unraveled.  I haven’t listened to the art work yet because I don’t have a player right now but I have visited its website and you may want to check it out, too.  Again, it is one brilliant and genius album and work for Duncan again.  Visit its website here.