Last Friday, I went to the mall to watch a movie.  People who know me would probably be surprised to know that I went to a gimmick on a Friday night.  I really hate to go on a crowded place and I am such a home buddy that my ideal day on week ends is just staying at home staying in front of my computer.


Anyway, I met up with friends because it is always nice to spend night outs with good friends for fun and talk.  While doing so, we passed by SM and my friend has to buy something and as the mall’s tagline says… “We’ve got it all for you” a very appropriate tag line because they truly have everything you need. 


If you are looking for affordability, it is the best place and it is very accessible as well.  To date they have almost 24 branches located in the country.


I can even recall when I was a kid whenever I get the chance to stare at the blue shopping bag of SM, I’d always count the branches and crossed out the place I’ve been to.  I even included it in my bucket list that before I die, I do intend to visit all of their branches. 


Of course, I don’t really intend to do that anymore, things that we think of when we are kids.   I just really find this very funny or maybe, I’ll just do it then who knows.  This can really be exciting.  To date, I think I have visited at least 10 of the 24 branches and I am hoping that they won’t put up a couple more branches because doing so will really make it harder on my part if I decided to do this before I die.  Just kidding!