I waited weeks for a new episode of Brothers and Sisters and I can’t really get enough of it.  I really love the show so much.  There are two more remaining episodes and I just wish that it is September already so I can have week after week of episodes.


Well, Brothers and sisters really crack me up because the siblings are really crazy and funny.  It also makes me cry.  There’s always a moment where you can feel and almost relate to the story.  This is what I really loved about it.  The family story is realistic and it will cut through straight to your heart.


I am sharing with you a part of the latest episode.  This portion is where Justin asked forgiveness to Rebecca.  You could really feel how sorry Justin is and how ready he is to let go of Rebecca.  Loved the way how he ended the conversation, “The reason why I brought you here is it is beautiful on spring.”  Well who said you can’t still be romantic even on parting ways.  Just loved how it was ended and if I were Rebecca I would run back to him and stop him.  But it is more complicated than that.


Anyway, here’s the link.