After almost two months my blog had its 1,000 hits again, this site has officially reached the 6,000 mark.  Along with this achievement are the following things that I am really grateful of:


  • Through this exercise, I have already received 54 comments to my 82 posts and my favorite Radio DJ left a comment, too!  (Chico Garcia of RX 93.1, thanks!)
  • I have found new friends through this blog around the world, yes you are reading this right I have made new friends around the world
  • The highest view in a day reached to 67 and I am really happy about this because I haven’t posted anything in my blog that will compromise my stand against commercial blogging.  I write random thoughts and I don’t write stuff that I know will make my blog statistics high for the sake of it.  (I’m not picking up a fight okay this is my opinion)
  • My blog has been part of like 3 or 4 blogrolls 2 of which belongs to friends and the 2 others just have a very outrageous taste for blog.  Until to date, I am thankful for that and I didn’t see it coming


Bottom line of this is I really love writing and it is really fun and fulfilling when your work is being appreciated.  I hope all those who visited this blog will make it a regular habit to check this out.  I’ll continue to post things that matters to me and I hope it will catch your interest and entertain you the way I intended it to be.


Enjoy until the next 1,000 hits!