This season’s American Idol Top 5 is the best set ever in my opinion from the past 6 years of watching the show.  The Top 5’s vocal ability is amazing and remarkable.  This is the first time that I have watch the show (as I can recall) that regardless of who sings, I find really worth watching.  The remaining 5 (and as of writing this post, the last 4) are the best from the pack.


And this week’s performance of Allison Iraheta reminded me of Pink.  She has the same tone as hers.  The rough rocky sound makes me convince that I am really going to root for her.  For me, she really deserves to win.  I know Adam, Danny and Kris have more fans and I’d be surprised if Allison will make it to the Top 2.  I think she’ll be the next to go and I would definitely have my heart soaked in tears if that happens.


But I am not losing hope especially after this week’s bottom three.  I strongly believe that it is still anybody’s ball game with what had happened.  It is sad to see Matt go, I just always find myself a little teary eyed whenever I see him.  Maybe because I know he has the talent and it is just so frustrating to see him go and the drama of being saved left a mark on me. Ironically, I don’t actually like him.


Anyway, I am posting a youtube link of Allison’s performance this week, singing “Someone to watch over me” like Kara said if this performance wouldn’t make Allison be in the front running and be in the finals, I don’t know what will.


Perhaps, voting fans in the America should really reconsider the talent of this kid.  Enjoy and please do vote for her!