When I posted about Earth Day last year, I didn’t expect that the post will become one of the most read articles in my blog.  It seems that a lot of people’s into becoming green and into recycling.  The interest to help and save mother Earth is really on.  That’s good news not only for blog statistics purposes but personally it is really incredible to know that many are serious with this battle.

I’ve always wanted to become an environmentalist.  Well, today I am still looking for an organization and I am disappointed with myself for not putting my time on it.  I want to become one not only because I love green but because I think we should really be.  The global warming is a world problem that we should alleviate and our help whether we think it is big or small surely does count.

Like my favorite phrase from Captain Planet says “The power is yours”.  The power to save Earth is in our hands.  The first step should come from us.  If you want to know more on saving Mother Earth and more fast facts on our environment, you can always visit National Geographic channel and its blog.  Click here to be directed.

***Again thanks for Google for the nice image above***