Last week’s episode of Brothers and Sisters made me cry again.  Well, I actually have this lousy excuse to let my heart out and cry as if the only reason why I am crying is because I am terribly moved by the scene and the story.  The plot of the story can really make you cry and relate to it.  The writers are superbly talented and gifted.  This show will make you wait week every week of episode.  I truly love this show.


The part this week that really touched me was when Julia proposed a toast.  A little backgrounder, Julia’s moving to Seattle since Tommy left them weeks ago in the show due to an embezzling problem at Ojai Foods.  And she finally decides to move on and find her way back to her life by taking chances and living her life.  To wit, she says that “In life the Walkers have made their own hard choices and they have supported each other…”


I have ripped that part so you can see it for yourself.  I really loved that part and it left me with the thought that I am having right now. 


Sometimes I tend to think of taking risks in my life that my father doesn’t agree of and if I can remember it right he hasn’t agreed on anything I have decided on but still I stood by it.


I am not unhappy with his belief because it is his opinion.  He is too safe and I am an idealist and too risky in his point of view.  At times, I just wonder how does it feel to be supported by him.  I don’t know with my other siblings but I think we all crossed that bridge with him.


Well, I know in life we have a lot of choices to make and being supported by our family leaves a certain sense of respect and pride that they actually believe us and have the promise of staying with us no matter what these choices bring us.  The comfort level will always be there and the peace of mind that we can hold on to whenever we sleep at night and at the end of it the reward of all is having the acceptance from them and the trust that you have made the right choice.