Well I don’t usually answer quizzes on Facebook.  Not that I don’t want it but sometimes I am just too lazy.  But today I took the test regarding on what type of a Franciscan I am.  I graduated from Saint Francis School here in Cavite.  And I can’t help but wonder what type of a Franciscan I am.  (I just saw two friends one as Jack Sparrow and the other is Dumbledore) 

I was a little naughty back then luckily I got good grades and saved myself to totally enjoying the notorious side of me.  Otherwise, I may have not graduated college at all.

Anyway here’s the funny thing, some of the results I agree with some I don’t and I’d discuss it below, the whys.


Edzcel completed the quiz “Anong Klaseng Franciscan ka?” with the result Paris Hilton.

ASTIG. (Well, I think early on I already know what I want and what I am capable of doing).  Kilala ka ng buong campus. (I don’t think so, because our batch Friendster profile didn’t even invite me to become part of it) Playboy/Playgirl ka. Isa ka sa mga naging muse/escort sa school. Maitsura ka. (This part I don’t actually agree of, me famous for the looks… you must be kidding me!) Marami kang eskandalo. (Well, I was a little rowdy, talkative but not scandalous) Madalas kang bagsak sa exam o quiz. Favorite subject mo ang PE. Allergic ka sa Bio, Chem, at Math. (This one is a little not true and I am proud of it, I was even the Math Club president, I love Chemistry because of Mrs. Policar and I love Math since I’ve learned how to count.  I tutored classmates and lower batches, too especially the cute ones).  Palagi kang nakatambay sa student’s center o sa hallway ng building. Tuwing uwian naman ay nakatambay ka sa Saliba’s canteen. (Yes, I am the kind of student who is early at school but goes home very late in the afternoon.  Apparently, my barkada finds the need to say a little longer to catch up and recapture the day that has been.) Lakas mo mang alaska. Madalas kang may kaaway o makipagsuntukan. (Well, yes I tease people a lot but that’s for fun.  Just trying to be funny and breaks the ice and silence as well.) Outstanding ka sa SportsFest. (Hmmm, not really… Damath is such a lousy sport that I joined… funny!) Mahilig ka sa bawal kaya’t palagi kayong nagtutuos ni Ms.Flory. (Fourth year, I visited the guidance counselor.  Creepy!  I even got a violation report.  I’m such a disgrace to my family!)  Hindi mo alam kung nasan ang Library. (Not true, I loved reading books.  I still know the librarian, it’s Morrie’s mom, Ms. Menchie!)  Madalas ka magvandal sa armchair or desk mo, lalong lalo na sa pintuan ng CR. (Of course, vandalism those days were allowed.  We cover our armchairs with cartolinas and we have graffiti walls per classroom) Alam mo ang secret passage palabas ng school na nasa Boy’s CR. (I do know this but I don’t cut classes though not that bad yet) Patago kang nakikipagsayaw ng intense tuwing Acquaintance at Chrismas Party pati JS. (I wish!) Shoulder bag o Jansport ang bag mo. (Hmmm, Giordano and Jansport were the hottest bags those days).  Nagmumura ang pabango mo. (not true!) May scarf ka palagi. (Yeah, I need a handkerchief up to now I still do)  Kundi ka Varsity, Dancer o banda ka. (I became a member of the high school dancers.  Yikes!)  Idol mo si San Miguel at may alaga kang Red Horse. (Hmmm, not really but 5 years after high school I worked and still working for San Miguel)  Taas ang kilay sa’yo ni Mrs. Maclang. (I’m sure I didn’t just get her eyebrows raised but also her voice.)  May motor ka. Marami kang tropa. Apir kayo ni Mang Jerry at Mang Sergio. (These are just random non-sense) Hindi mo sineseryoso si Ms. Janet. (I don’t remember knowing her) Mainit ang mata sa’yo ni Ms. Ruby Tan. (Yeah, she became my 3rd year class adviser.  I hated her when she banged me up for joining the mimicry contest.  She’s such a jealous bitch, I don’t like her either.) Nagtataka ka kay Ms. Aglibot. (This is my favorite part, I know for a fact because Mrs. Aglibot even told me that she didn’t like me because I was a bad student.  The only subject I didn’t get a line of 9 ever was Filipino.  I was even sent outside the class for not reading the El Filibusterismo.  She assigned a special project, the only one in the class to make a poem about 1 chapter of it!)  Nawiwindang ka kay Mr. Michael. (I don’t think I know him but I love Mr. Nestor…) May jowa ka kahit bawal, at hanep ka maka-porma… (I wish!)


Oh well, this is a long read and so much about high school.  I had so much fun then.  Fooling around is one of the things I did best.  I never took anything seriously well maybe a little of the studies.  Some of the subjects were really great, the friends are amazing and some faculty members really helped me a lot.  Looking back on those years make me wonder if I had another chance of doing it again would I do it the same way or differently.  Well I don’t know, I think I may have not taken my studies too seriously but I don’t think I didn’t reach my full potential.  Maybe, I would stick with what I have done best and the best part of it is I enjoyed my life.  Haha!  How nostalgic can I get?  This is such a waste of time.  This is the side effects of seeing your high school crush not more than 7 hours ago and going to friends over for lunch talking about high school stuffs for more than 4 hours.  Side effects!