departures 1

I love watching Departures at Nat Geo Adventure channel for a lot of reasons.

  1. I love traveling and watching people go around the world makes me feel like I am, too
  2. Justin is hilarious, funny and really a keen observer.  He is adventurous, too.
  3. Scott is cute and smart but I still like Justin more.
  4. It is a nice show and the two guys has there talent in capturing moments.

The list can go on and on and on, it is endless.  Unfortunately, the show’s air time was moved on a Thursday thus, I don’t get to watch the whole episode but still I get to see the show isn’t bad at all rather than not seeing it at all.

Since I have posted about the show, the respective post’s have an average of 4 views a day.  So I guess this is a nice way of advertising and promoting the show as well.

It is believed that they are already filming the third season and I can’t just wait to see it.  For more information, please follow on this link to know about the show and the cast, too.  I bet you a dollar on this, the show is worth watching.

Also attached is a link of one of the deleted scenes from the show.