I have read this article in facebook shared by my good friend Trina about her friend’s missing dog. (Please click here to read it) Since, I practically grew up with dogs and I love them so much I thought I was obligated to share this and help her friend find her dog by sharing it online.

Well, this reminded me of the same experience that I had then. Back in 1997, my favorite dog Ewok went missing and I really took it very hard. Ewok isn’t just a regular dog. He is a sweet friend and constant companion, too. I’d always spend time with him in the terrace and I’d talk to him how my day was. Yeah, it may really sound weird but I treat our dogs like humans. I’d sing him a line or two of which I don’t totally know if he really liked it.

And my most favorite thing about him is whenever I go outside the house for a walk to the bakery in the morning he’d go with me. Whenever I leave at around 4 o’clock in the morning he’d walk with me until I get a ride to the terminal and he’d always find his way back home. During high school years, he’d stay outside the house in the afternoon with the anticipation of me going home and he’d welcome me and kiss me like there’s no tomorrow.

Writing this makes me miss him again. It makes me cry and remember the day I came home from the university and found out that he’d been missing for days. During those years, I don’t get to go home everyday since the university is in the metro. It makes me feel if I could only turn back the hands of time, I’d probably say my last good bye to him.

We’ve lost a lot of dogs and it ain’t a funny feeling to be subjected to such a situation. When you’d get to see your dog ailing from sickness, it’d make you do all of the things to save him. You’d give your best shot to take care of him. And that’s what I’ve lost when Ewok went missing. I didn’t only lose a pet and a friend but I’ve also lost the chance to make him feel how I truly love and appreciate him. Destiny robbed me the chance to hug him all tight and say my little prayers before he go to heaven. All those chance lost… gone.

So to Ewok, wherever you are, I just want you to know how thankful I am for coming into our family’s life and into mine. I’d forever be grateful for all the times that you’d listen to me, for the times that you’d walk with me, guiding and protecting me from harm. Don’t worry I don’t need to be protected anymore, I’m all grown up now. You just enjoy your stay there and we’d see each other soon. Thank you again for a life well spent.