The Philippines is composed of 7,107 islands and last May 31st my blog got another 1,000 hits after a month, leaving my blog to total views of 7,000!


The milestones for this period are the following:

  • My average daily views for the month of May is the highest since its inception with 29 views per day
  • Month of May total number of views per month is also the highest since its inception with a total number of 889 views
  • On the average my blog gets 24 views a day, crediting the topics “The Departures” with 5 a day view and the famous “Chevy Impala” of Supernatural with 4 views a day


Again, for the avid readers of my blog thank you very much for making it happen.  Expect more stories, music and movie reviews and a whole lot of none sense in the coming days!  Until the next 1,000 hits, again thank you for reading! Enjoy!