I don’t usually post something so random but what the heck. 


Well, lately I have been hanging out with my high school barkada, Jet.  We both live in Cavite and he has business transactions in Manila while I am working in the metro.  Then one day, we’ve figured why not we go home together once in awhile.  It is both beneficial for us, the way home usually will take an hour or two since coastal area has really congested traffic and what I would do is to try to take his mind off the traffic by being the very talkative person that I am and I’d get to go home half way free. 


Its half way free since I live 2 towns farther from his home and I have to take an additional 15 minutes ride to our place.  Well, at least I get to feel more comfortable in his car rather than with the usual ride home though I can’t sleep as I always do.


Everything seems really crazy high school lately but well not really even before we’d chat on week ends and play pool online.  But just this past two weeks since Thea and Annie our two high school barkada who visited us since they live abroad everything seems to be tied up together.  We’d plan things and share thoughts and almost everything.


Then just two weeks ago I have to replace my phone and he helped me picked a new one.  He did some comparison, pros and cons and I really needed some inputs from him and I respected his ideas. 


Then later this afternoon I visited his place and asked to do some configurations and he need to borrow my external and portable DVD writer.  Then, we went to the local coffee shop to check some things out and we saw this funny poster from the next store.


And this is how crazy funny things are lately for me something that I really never expected but I totally truly enjoy.