I’ve been blogging for more than 4 years now but my writings have been more global when I used wordpress.  You might be wondering global and how sure am I that it is global?  Well, I say so because I’ve got comments from the other side of the world. 

Since I’ve started with wordpress and got comments from different people I started sending thank you for those who read my blog and try to read theirs, too if they have one.  And just recently, yes Ms. Jill if you are reading this post, I have made friends from someone in Canada.

Ms. Jill is such a great person, and though I haven’t seen her pictures, I bet she is as lovely as she sounds.  And the actual point of this post is she encouraged me to watch Harper’s Island and now I am totally addicted to it.  Yeah, I am blaming you my friend.




Anyway, one of the reasons why I became addicted is, it is a suspense-thriller and the story will really make you think who the killer is in the island.  Episode after episode I’d try to analyze who the killer is.  And I think right after the 3rd episode, I have made my decision that it is Chloe.  I just don’t know why but what I think and I’m sure of is the killer is someone that will really shock the audience.  Or I hope at least it would be.



So why do I think Chloe is the killer?  There are some reasons like when they were still aboard the ship going to the island; she had spoken of the killings 7 years ago as if she was there.  And the time that Cal was trapped nothing happened to him.  When Trish’s father died during the ceremonial practice she wasn’t even around.  It could really be shallow these are just my guess.  Plus, Chloe is someone you think is dumb since she is blonde but I don’t actually believe here outside appearance.  I think she has more depth inside her.

So I guess I have to wait until the story is over.  Sharing with you a link from you tube for you to have an idea of what I am talking about.  Thanks and enjoy reading!