ten inch 

I am big Jensen Ackles fan and as a fan I try my best to support his project.  And this week end was like a Jensen Ackles week.  I’ve watched his 3D Valentine Horror movie and his light comedy-feel good movie Ten Inch Hero.

And this is the very reason why I am making this post.  Honestly, I was surprised with this movie.  I had a very low expectation but the first few minutes of the movie was really good.  Not to mention the soundtrack.

It is very unfortunate that this wasn’t released in the theaters because I am telling you this is a good movie.  It is about friends at work who are all looking for love.  It is about love and finding love.

Piper is looking for her long lost baby which she was forced to give up when she was fifteen.

Tish is battling her confusion of lust over love and using sex as a weapon to find love.

Priestly is too afraid to show his true feelings and hiding thru a pretense of machismo and comic relief to everyone.

Jen is too shy and has chosen to be on the background and look for her love in romance in the cyberspace from a person she hasn’t even met.

And lastly is Trucker, the owner of the diner, who is in need to find courage to pursue his love that is just across the street. 

The story is so simple and yet it is real.  It is about one’s journey of finding love and how love finds him back.  It is something familiar, the long way and in the end… you’ll get your love.

What else did I like about it?  The soundtrack, 3 songs were sung by my favorite artist from One Tree Hill Bethany Joy Galeotti and I’m sharing the links of the songs. 


Get Your Love


The Long Way


Something Familiar