I never thought that planning to run for a marathon will be this hard. 

First, you have to wake up early in the morning and sleep early so you’ll get a good rest and be properly energized for the morning jog/run.  Second, I’m really lazy doing the proper before and after stretching procedures.  Lastly, based from the program that I am following the only easy part of it is the 5 minutes walk and everything from the alternate 60-second jog and 90-second walk for 20 to 30 minutes isn’t making my legs have the time of its life.

But I know these are just birth pains, and eventually as the program says that in 6 weeks time I can run the marathon and be ready like a true sports enthusiast.

Plus, this endeavor is a nice way for me to bond with my parents.  Both of them walk a couple of meters every morning so I’ve decided that it is perfect opportunity for me to pursue this activity.

Aside from that benefit, it is also good for my health.  Though, being fit isn’t really my priority but unfortunately my cholesterol level says that I should be on strict low fat diet and I don’t want to do this when it’s already too late.

Anyway, there a lot of ways to make running fun and one of these is to have your music play list that will perk you up and get your bones off the field.  Well my play list is a combination of Duncan Sheik and Kelly Clarkson songs.  I love to run with strong vocals and up beat tempo.  

And as of the moment the top on my list is Kelly Clarkson’s I do not Hook Up so I’m sharing the link of its video and maybe if you’ll run or you’re running already this song can be a part of your own play list, too.  Haha!