I’m born on 8th of the month and I believe in the presence of Magic Ball 8.

And yesterday after 24 days to be exact my blog got another 1,000 hits making my total blog hits to reach 8,000 hits.

First, I have to thank my loyal readers for making this happen.

Second, thanks to Twitter!  Just a month ago, I’ve registered my account (http://twitter.com/Mr_Perk) and just thought of posting a regular plug of my blog and posts which really helped in raising my blog hits.

My blog’s hits usually ranges around 26 to 29 a day but with the help of Twitter on the average as of today, I’m getting around 44 views a day.

I’ve also got a new record on the highest view in a day from around 57 to 65 and now I’ve got 110 hits in a day set last June 21.

Again, this has been amazing blogging time for me.  Writing stuffs that I like and getting satisfied by all of these things is really fun.

Thank you again and happy reading!