Just when I was about to write this post I’ve got distracted by a signal from my yahoo messenger.  Someone whom I wanted to talk or hear from is trying to call me thru the messenger.  Ironically, I’ve been whining (well I didn’t actually whine, I’ve just accepted the fact that he isn’t into me as simple as that).  The realization was clear even before but after I have been reminded of the book that I’ve once read “He’s just not that into you” and the movie of the same title, I’ve totally lost the very little hope that I have.

Well a little backgrounder on this, this person will be coming home for 5 days and he promised me that we’d meet for dinner of some sort when he arrives.  Then a week or two ago, I have heard from his friend that he’ll arrive on July 9th and that got me thinking that how come he hasn’t been contacting me yet.

To cut the story short and based on the movie, if he really wants to call me regardless of how busy he is, he’d make time to contact me.  No matter how screwed up his schedule is he’ll try to find ways to reach me.  Everything seems logical and I don’t want to be too hopeful and end up so disappointed.  So, I stopped believing.  I let go.


Anyway, this week end I set aside my puzzle and decided to watch movies instead.  I’ve got a collection of movies that I haven’t even checked if they are in good condition.  After checking the condition, the next question is what movie to watch first.  Choice ranges from drama to love story to science fiction to adventure. 

Then my brother Jejo helped me picked a movie and we’ve decided to have a Kate Winslet Film Festival.  We’ve started with “The Reader” and our second movie was “Finding Neverland”.  Unfortunately, I missed the “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind” to complete the film festival.

When watching movies, I’ve always try to put myself in the characters’ shoes.  I try to feel what they feel.  I try to imagine myself being in the same situation.  And that’s what Finding Neverland is.  Where will our imagination take us?  Books and movies, stories bring us to alternate futures, places that we may not even reach unimaginable things that are so true… infinite and limitless, and no boundaries.  But this may only be achieved if we believe.  The power to explore these things is in our minds, the power to make these things possible is in our hearts.

So got me wondering, does this only happens when we are in love?  Are these those things that we do when we are in love?  Are these only possible when we are in love?

But one thing I’m sure of that I’ve learned about this movie is the power to believe and how important believing is.  Regardless of what situation we are in, this shouldn’t stop us from believing.  If we just explore every possibility without thinking of any limitation and put our heart into it, nothing will stop it from happening.  Always remember:  Believe it can be done. When you believe something can be done, really believe, your mind will find the ways to do it. Believing a solution paves the way to solution.