I love the movie “Life or Something Like it” not because I am an Angelina Jolie fan.  I loved it because of the lesson and message of the story. 

Anyway here’s my story, I have a different view about death per se. Dying for me is inevitable and since it is something we all end up with, I can say I am not afraid of it. That is setting aside the cause of death because it is entirely a different subject and another issue to discuss. What normal person would like to die in a tragic way like accidents or being murdered?

When I saw the movie this is what I’ve learned. Well, technically I didn’t learn it from the movie. It is just more of validating what I have always believed in.  Life for me is something that we should enjoy.  It’s not about careers, getting famous, or being rich.  It’s about living your life to the fullest.  Being happy and contented with what you have and make the most out of it.

Most of us, we tend to be dissatisfied with what we have.  We start to compare ourselves with others. We find happiness when we are ahead of someone else and consequently, we find miseries when we are behind someone.  There’s no satisfying our hunger for power, material wealth and fame neglecting more often than not the true essence of life.

I came from a middle class family and this is what I have learned from my family and parents.  It’s not the material wealth that can give us the happiness in the world.  It’s not becoming famous or overpowering a pile of men.  It is the love of our family.  It is where the true happiness and contentment comes from.

So you might be thinking why did I start with death and life?  Simply because when we are happy and when we are faced with the 5 stages of death (Denial, Anger, Fear, Depression and Acceptance) you’d passed by the 4 stages because it will be easier for you to accept everything.  If we just live our life while we are alive then we don’t need to pass through every stage of death, we’d directly go straight to the last stage with no regrets.

Most of the time, our outlook and beliefs have a great command of what kind of life we have. Life is what we make it.  We decide on what our lives will become.  Hope I have imparted the lesson of the movie as what the writers have intended it to be.

Here’s a YouTube link of the trailer of the movie.  Enjoy!