Fall Season premiere of CWTV shows have been announced and I’ve been waiting for this for months.


The return of my favorite show Supernatural will be on 10th of September.  And a new show Vampire Diaries will complete the new line-up of Thursday nights!  Vampire Diaries, this new show focuses on the battle between two Vampire brothers – one good, one evil – who compete for the love of the same young woman.

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And of course, I can’t wait for the return of Supernatural and see what will happen after Lilith’s death, Ruby’s betrayal and Lucifer’s Rising.  The seal has been officially opened by Sam.  The premièring season is said to be the last for Supernatural.  It’s 5th for the show.  And thinking about it makes me feel sad because it’ll tantamount to not seeing Dean for another season.  No more thrills! 


Anyway, but what keeps me excited is the fact that how will the season and the show will end, considering that they’d be faced to battle Lucifer this season.  I’m beginning to wonder how the story will go.  I’m also excited to see Jim Beaver who plays Bobby Singer.  Will Castiel still be there to help them fight the evil Lucifer?


Bottom line, I just can’t wait and I just hope that this season will be like the other seasons that will continually make me happy and thrilled all at the same time! And I want a full season of Dean Winchester! haha!